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Finally, Delivery of Rexroth A2VK Pump Repair Parts You Can Count On!
Finally, Delivery of Rexroth A2VK Pump Repair Parts You Can Count On!

About A2VK Pump Repair Parts | A2VK Parts Now

About Me and My Company

For over 30 years I worked at one of the flagship “custom” Polyurethane machinery builders in the United States. Handling both the administration of the manufacturing side and more often than not, the hands-on build of the systems. 

In the 90’s I took over the Repair Department and went to EMB Germany to be trained to repair EMB mixing heads. Next, I was trained by both Rexroth and Rotary Power to repair their radial piston pumps that are used in the Polyurethane Industry. I have personally repaired and built hundreds of pumps and Mixing Heads over the years.

I have built and tested systems that used A2VK series pumps and many others throughout my career. The A2VK is both robust and reliable (as long as quality parts, and good diagnostic & repair services are used).

One of the biggest contributing factors for the creation of this store was to alleviate the extensive lead time needed to purchase most of these parts from the manufacturer. It is not uncommon to wait 12-16 weeks for most of these much sought after parts. So, this store is my attempt to ease the burden of acquiring the repair parts needed to keep your pumps up and running seamlessly. Throughout the years it has become clear, its all about delivery, delivery, delivery.


Lance Holcombe

A2VK Parts Now

5195 Camp Rd., Ravenna Oh. 44266                                                              







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